Friday, September 14, 2012

Forget THURSDAYS!!!!!

Okay so here's the deal. . .  I started this journey to 1000 with great intentions.  I would blog on Thursdays with my list of why I was thankful until I reached 1000.  WHY THURSDAY?  Well because typically that's how my holistic thinking self works.  I think in acrostics, acronyms, catchy titles, phrases, etc.  So, I thought of THANKFUL THURSDAY.  I also thought that blogging on the same day each week would keep me accountable and would maybe, just maybe work for the few (1 or 2 people) who would actually maybe read it each week and join in with me.  BUT, FLOP!!!  That worked for a while, but honestly it just isn't working for me.  I find myself thinking on Sunday afternoon or maybe on Wednesday evening or sometimes on Friday afternoon, I'd like to write my thankful post, and then my highly prohibitive, follow the rules personality says, but it's not Thursday, how much sense does that make?  So I don't do it.  And then, on Thursday I don't do it either because something comes up or maybe I have writers' block or . . .  (you fill in the blanks you know how life goes).  Some of you out there are saying "Just write the blog and put it in for a delayed post for the next Thursday.  What's  the big deal?"  Well see that's a big deal for me.  Because I want to write it and post it because maybe, just maybe by the next Thursday, they'll be something more pressing or more timely I'd like to say. 

So, enough with the rambling, here's the deal FORGET THURSDAYS!!!!!!  I don't mean forget the journey to 1000.  NO WAY!!!  This has been one of the most rewarding disciplines of my life.  I just mean forget the day of the week or the idea to post only once a week.  From now on, I'll be posting as I feel like God has given me a word to write, as my list of thanks has grown and I feel like I'm ready to share.  It will simply be 1000 THANKS!!!!  I hope you'll understand.  I just need a little bit more freedom on this journey.  I think it will fit me much better at this point in my life, at this season on my journey.  So, here we go. . . and it's Friday!!!

263.  I'm thankful for my dad.  He celebrated his 59th birthday on the 6th of September.  What a joy that is for him and for us!!!  The last 19 years have been an eventful journey for him since his first bypass surgery at 40 years old, but I'm SO PROUD OF MY DADDY!!!  He lives each day to the fullest.  He enjoys his family and friends.  He loves God and he is determined to live this life he's been given as a gift of thanks to His creator and redeemer.  I am thankful for every day I have with him.  I'm thankful for every lesson he's taught me.  Sometimes he's pushed me, sometimes he's carried me, but he's always been right there with me.  I'm thankful for him more everyday.  

264.  I'm thankful for my mom.  She also just celebrated another birthday--her 58th on the 28th of August.  My parents are young ones, aren't they?!?!  I'm thankful for the example she has lived before us when we were young and as we've grown older.  She loves with her actions and with her time.  That is a treasure.  I'm thankful that she was faithful to the task of raising up her children in the way they should go.  That wasn't always an easy task (I'm sure), but she stayed the course.  I'm thankful for her faithfulness and her determination.  She is a gift to us!

265.  I am thankful for my firstborn.  I love her more everyday.  I love what God is teaching me about letting her become exactly who He has created her to be.  I am thankful for how she really gets so many "deep things" of life.  She amazes me sometimes with how she accepts with simple faith what I make so complex. 

266.  I am thankful for time spent with my nephew.  I love, love, love when he says, "Whatcha doin' Jenn?", "Where ya' goin' Jenn?", "I love you Jenn."  Hardly anybody calls me Jenn, but he does, and it melts my heart.  I am thankful for that little blue eyed boy.  I am thankful for how I see his personality evolving and changing.  I am thankful for every time I get to hear him pray.  I am thankful for his mom and dad and what they are teaching him.  I pray that he will always know just how much God loves him and what an amazing plan God has for his life.

267.  I am thankful for the One-Year Bible on my iPhone and moments that I get to just sit and soak in the Word of God.  I am thankful for simple stories heard again and again and how the truths of God's Word absolutely will transform your heart and mind. 

268.  I am thankful for excitement and hope.  Do you know the kind of excitement I'm talking about?  The kind you felt when you were a little girl waiting on a birthday party to arrive or Christmas to come or for someone to come visit.  That's the kind of excitement I have in my heart right now, but it's not because I'm waiting on my next vacation or for the next family celebration or for the next holiday; it's because in my heart I just know God is going to work in my life in a bigger way tomorrow than He did today to show me more of Himself, to teach me how to love deeper and to live bigger, to have a stronger faith and to believe Him for what I can't even ask, think, or even imagine. 

269. I am thankful for my 6 year old ball of energy.  I am thankful for every piece of artwork she creates for me and for everyone else around her.  I am thankful for every glimpse of the creator that I catch as I see the creative juices that flow through her mind and body.  I am thankful that I can already see the gifts and talents He gave her at work and know that this is only the beginning of the story.  Being her mom is a gift from the hand of God. 

270.  I am thankful that God gives peace in our physical conditions.  I am thankful for a report this week of "no reason to believe that it's cancer."  I have a 6mm nodule on my thyroid.   It's causing discomfort and symptoms, but the endocrinologist says no cancer!!!!  Thankful to God, my great physician for this, but also for the peace that I have had in knowing that no matter what BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD!!!!!

271.  I am thankful for the many different ways that God shows Himself faithful to us.  He is our healer, our provider, our redeemer, our comforter, our counselor, our advocate, our rock, our refuge, our strength.  He is!!!  I am thankful that there is not a single circumstance that happens throughout my day that God is not ENOUGH!!!!

272.  I am thankful for freedom.  September 11, 2001 was a horrifying day in our nation.  We have not been the same.  Lives were lost that day and are continuing to be lost still in the fight against terrorism.  I am thankful for men and women who stand in the line of duty everyday defending our freedom and fighting for those who have none.  I am thankful for the ultimate freedom that only comes in the person of Jesus Christ through His death and resurrection.  I am thankful for the life that He gives that sets us free indeed!!!! 

Continuing to thank Him, all the way to 1000!!!!


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