Thursday, April 5, 2012

Today's Thursday. Do you know what that means?

Well, today's Thursday, and it's not just any Thursday. It's the eve of Good Friday. This week is one of the most monumental weeks on the Christian calendar. It's a week filled with reasons for thankfulness, filled with reminders of why I have any reason to look toward my future with hope, filled with so many recollections of a past that would be left unredeemed if it were not for one dark day, one empty tomb, and a Savior that has promised to return.

So that is where I'll continue with my list of Thankfulness (counting my way to 1,000), choosing to live fully right where I am.

46. Thankful that I once was lost but now I'm found. I once was blind but now I see. My chains are gone; I've been set free.

47. Thankful for the wonderful gift of technology. My friend Beth listed this one this week. Oh, what a gift this is. It allows us to connect with friends across the miles, to see each other's face, to hear each other's voice. . . Who would have ever thought we would be a part of a four year old birthday party via the web? How cool is that? Thank you God for the knowledge and wisdom you impart to man to enable us to invent, create, plan. . .

48. Thankful for prayer. Read this quote by Louie Giglio this week and thought it so fitting: "If only we knew what was happening when we pray, we would never cease to pray." Thankful to know that the Father hears us, that Jesus intercedes on our behalf, that truly there is power in prayer.

49. Thankful for the opportunity to engage in ministry with my family and friends. We've had several opportunities this week, and it's been AMAZING!!!!!

50. Thankful for friends who accept me as I am, understand me (junk and all), and love me anyway.

51. Thankful for family moments that become traditions.

52. Thankful for a kiss on the cheek from a lady who has lived a long, hard life. I knew the kiss was her way of saying thank you for spending just a little time with me. The kiss meant more to me than words can express. I think the time spent with her blessed me beyond any sort of blessing I could have been to her.

53. Thankful for this truth, "Jesus is the way, the truth, and the LIFE!" I was reminded this week that we don't have to find the way between our point A and point B. We don't have to figure it all out. The only thing we have to know is the answer is JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!!!!

54. Thankful that iron sharpens iron. Thankful for friends who challenge me to think about who I am, who God desires for me to be, what I'm really doing to change my world for Christ. . .

55. Thankful for a friend named Courtney who makes me laugh.

56. Thankful for a friend named Beth who has a heart for Christ and a love for people that is deep and profound.

57. Thankful for a friend named Sharon who loves her family, clings to the truth, and challenges me to be better than I am.

58. Thankful for a friend named Kim who is as sweet and gentle as they come.

59. Thankful for a friend named Lana who shakes heaven and earth with her prayers.

60. Thankful for friends named Kathy and Sherri who make life fun and who believe keeping in touch is what friends do.

I'm thankful, and I know you must be too!!!!!


Beth Webb said...

Thanks for sharing & for challenging me to recognize all of the little & big things around me every day that I should be thankful for!

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