Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Another Thankful Thursday!

Our God, our God!!! What a reason to offer up our thanks! Let's shout it from the housetops, let's tell all who will listen. I don't know about you, but I don't want any rock speaking my praise for me! I think I'll take the time to count the gifts in my life myself and name them one by one. And, oh what good it does my heart, how it changes my outlook and my perspective when I take just a few minutes to praise Him, to remember what He's done, what He's doing, and to claim the promises of what I can know for certain that He is already doing on my behalf.

As I am asking God to help me live more fully aware of the gifts that are mine as His child, to live with my eyes open, my ears attuned, my hands not clinched so tightly but instead ready to give and to receive as He whispers, my feet prepared to go and stop at His command, it really is simply amazing what my eye has not seen, what my ear has not heard, and what my mind has not conceived before. There is so much that God is doing right around me that I am sad to say that I have often missed because I just haven't lived fully right where I was. So, on this Thankful Thursday, I recount some of the gifts that have blessed me this week and my prayer has been that as I have been blessed I have in return been a blessing.

Oh, God, may I never live a day without realizing it is only a gift from You to be opened, to be lived fully-not for myself but for your glory!

38. While doing school with the girls, we had an unexpected delivery from the flower shop. My hubby sent me the most beautiful arrangement of spring flowers. The note on the card "Just Because." WOW!!! That made my day! He loves me, oh, he loves me. So, very thankful for a husband who loves me not only with his words but with his actions each and every day!!!! Thank you father for a man like that!!!!

39. WHEW!!!! Testing for the year is behind us. May not seem like a big thing to some people, but to this TYPE A momma, I'm so glad to have this hurdle done. I know my sweet daughter is too. But, I'm even happier that it's not the focus of what we do everyday, and oh so very happy for the positive atmosphere we enjoyed when we tested and for the perspective they emphasized behind the testing.

40. Wonderful Sunday school class with teachers who are AMAZING!!! So thankful that Bill and Sharon believe in the power of the Word of God to change lives, to make a difference in marriages and families. Thankful for how they invest in the lives of so many.

41. When my girls are hurting (physically or emotionally), they want their momma and their daddy. Nobody else will do. Thank you father for healthy relationships, for strong and loving attachments. Thank you that my girls know that they are loved and cared for, that mommy and daddy will always be there to love them through the hurt even when we can't make it go away.

42. Fun!!! I'm so very thankful that life can be fun. God blesses us with laughter, recreation, time to de-stress and relax. What a blessing!!!

43. A reminder that there is a time for everything and sometimes I'm putting things on my calendar (worries, anxieties, stresses) that God just doesn't mean for today. I need to leave that in God's hand, knowing that He doesn't intend for some things to even be on my "to-do" list. Thank you, God!!!!

44. A day spent with my mom and my girls. A wonderful time of making memories.

45. HOPE!!!!


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