Saturday, February 18, 2012

Will You Join Me for "Thankful Thursdays"?

Recently I read a wonderful book, you know the kind that makes you stop and reflect, leaves you thinking afterward, and compels you to do something with it. For several months I had seen the book recommended on a few blogs I read regularly, but it seemed that I always had something ahead of it on my "reading queue". Finally, I downloaded it to my Kindle and dove in.

WOW!!! I found myself reading WAY PAST MY BEDTIME, wanting to lose myself more and more into its pages, rich with meaning. However, as I read more I dreaded it coming to an end; I wanted to savor each word, each chapter, each thought from the author's pen as you do your favorite cup of coffee or your Mom's best dessert. The author wrote the words with eloquence and deep meaning, in a tongue that sometimes left me rereading just to make sure I caught the depth and fullness of what she intended. It wasn't my typical read, in style at least, but I was captivated by the author's story and the truth behind her journey. I was convinced that her journey to realize the fullness of life all around her, the blessing in the simplest, most mundane task, and the treasures underneath her own roof was one that was truly spiritual, leading her to the face of Jesus, realizing that truly "every good and perfect gift comes from God." (James 1:17) And then, there was an unexpected twist, one that we all come to on our journey of life, one where we have to face the reality that sometimes we have to choose to see the good, to choose the thankfulness in what seems far from beautiful or desirable. That truth alone left me staring straight into the face of Jesus.

So, after the few days it took me to devour the words of the book, and the days of reflection on its meaning and purpose for me, I began wondering what I should do about it. And. . . I knew that it was time for me to begin being more intentional than ever before about seeing the "gifts" in my life. So, I accepted the challenge that the author too had accepted--the challenge that became the unfolding story of this book. I have decided that I will spend Thursdays journaling my "Thousand Gifts." The way I have it figured, it might take me the better part of a year (maybe a little more) to see this thing through, but I'm taking the challenge. I'm going to live with my eyes WIDE OPEN to the GIFTS ALL AROUND ME. I'm going to journal them here, for myself and my family, as testimonies of God's faithfulness to us, as remembrances of just how blessed we are. Maybe you will feel compelled to start your own "Thankful Thursdays", journaling the gifts in your life--with the goal of reaching 1,000 of course (BUT NO ONE SAYS YOU HAVE TO STOP THERE!!!).

I would suggest the book to you. It's called One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. It's by Ann Voskamp. Here's a link to the author's blog too ( You might enjoy reading about her journey.

Will you join me in taking the dare of seeing one thousand gifts that are smack dab in the middle of your ordinary, coming and going, life just as it is? Go ahead, I dare you!!! Start your list of gifts.

I'll blog mine on Thursdays, but I'm going to start writing them each day--as I see, hear, touch, smell, and taste them. Let's make it to 1,000 together!

Will you comment below and let me know if you'll join in? I need some accountability here, and we'll all be richer for it as we start living in the fullness of what we already "hold in our hands" instead of buying into the lies of our culture that always keep us wanting and looking for something outside of what is already ours in Christ Jesus!!!

Our first "Thankful Thursday" post will be this Thursday, so start living with your "eyes open, ears tuned, nose inhaling every scent, taste buds savoring, and hands feeling" the life you're living RIGHT NOW!!!!


Beth Webb said...

I will try--you will have to hold me accountable--and stop giving me so many books to read:)

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