Sunday, February 2, 2014

What's Your Perspective? What Report Are You Giving?

Our perspective really is everything.  Many times in life we will be looking at the same situation as others, and all of us will have a choice to make, "What will we do with this?"  Our perspective and our attitude about the situation will determine how we proceed.

Take Joshua and Caleb for example.  They were the only two of the twelve spies who actually entered the Promised Land.  Why?  They all saw the same scenario.  They all observed the same situation. They saw the enemy.  They all visually perceived the exact same men.  However, they did not come back and report the same thing.  Joshua and Caleb had a different attitude.  They were not seeing through their own inabilities, their enemy's size or power, or . . .  They were seeing through eyes of faith--recalling the power of God that had parted the Red Sea, provided in the Wilderness, delivered them again and again from what seemed like hopeless situations.  They had a right focus.  They chose to look up.  Somehow I think they had chosen to live joyfully.  They had chosen to recall all that the God of Israel had done for them, and as a result they were able to believe all that He was going to do. Spend some time yourself and read that little story in Numbers 13 and 14.  I think you'll be reminded of how important it is to examine your perspective, think about the report your giving to others.  Are you taking some time every day to report something good?  God is up to some good things.  Simply reminding yourself of the "grace" in your life will most certainly propel you to believe Him for whatever opportunities He calls you into just around the corner.    

#328  I'm thankful that we can trust God for open and closed doors.  This time I'm thankful for an open door for my brother and that He has seen God fulfill one of the desires of his heart.  This week he learned that he would be head coach of the football team where he's been coaching as defensive coordinator.  I'm so excited for him.  I'm thankful that God takes care of the details of our lives and that He puts us right where we need to be.  I'm thankful that God gives each of us unique opportunities to impact lives for the Kingdom.

#329  I'm thankful for breakfast time with my little man.  I'm thankful for the welcome he gives me in the mornings when I go get him out of bed and then the special time that follows when I give him his bottle and feed him his oatmeal.  I'm thankful for the special hugs and kisses he gives out early in the morning and the way he enjoys "talking" to me and listening to the things I have to say to him too.

#330  I'm thankful for the little things I see my oldest daughter learning and doing that show me she's growing into a mature young lady.  I'm thankful that she's embracing the person God has created her to be and finding her way through this journey of life.  I'm thankful she's finding joy in learning to cook and clean and do laundry.  Those mundane tasks won't always be "joyful" but I'm thankful that she's learning those tasks and and finding that those are necessary to a productive and enjoyable life.  I'm thankful when she just does little things for me because she knows my likes and dislikes and wants to say "Mom, I love you and want you to know I care."  She is a treasure to me.

#331  I'm thankful for the passion and energy with which my youngest daughter pursues everything she does in life.  I'm thankful she's excited about experiencing new things and meeting new people.  I'm thankful that she loves people and loves this life God's given her.

#332  I'm thankful for access to running water, electricity, refrigerators, heat, a stove/oven, microwave, washer/dryer. . .   I'm thankful for all of these conveniences that I often take for granted.  I'm thankful for a hot shower in the morning and for water that is clean to drink and bathe in.  I'm thankful for a refrigerator full of food and a stove/oven to cook on.  I'm thankful for laundry facilities in my home and a hubby who helps me stay on top of all of it.

#333  I'm thankful for laughter.  I am thankful that I get to laugh everyday.  Rarely does a day go by that I don't laugh.  Actually, I can't remember the last day that went by that I didn't laugh many times during that day.  Laughter really is good medicine.  It's good for your heart and soul and mind.  It helps produce hope and positive energy.  It really breaks down walls and helps put things in right perspective.  I'm thankful for those in my life that produce laughter.  I'm thankful for memories that produce laughter again and again.  I don't ever won't to take life so seriously that I can't enjoy a good laugh.

#334  I'm thankful for my friend Kelly L.  We met when we were freshmen in college at Trevecca.  She and I were in the honors program together.  It was a small group of students who spent a large part of our day together since it replaced the majority of our general ed hours our freshman and sophomore years.  We also were both elementary ed majors.  She stretched me.  She made me think, and she still does.  She was proper and well spoken.  She had a "northern accent", and I was as southern as they came.  She was the theater type and me not so much.  All those years ago and a lot of miles between us, and I still count her as one of my dearest friends.  God knew I would need her again and again.  We've shared so many concerns and struggles via long phone conversations.  We've only seen each other a few times since 1997 but I don't think it's hindered my love for her any at all.  I cherish her more everyday.  I thank God for her and the impact she continues to make on my life as she teaches me to believe God for something bigger.  She helped me through my adoption journey.  She helped us as we believed God for the opened and closed doors into ministry.  She helps me often as I just need to vent about everyday stuff.  She is a treasure to me.  I'm thankful for her.  I'm thankful that she calls me with prayer concerns too.  It is a trust that I feel blessed with.

#335  I'm thankful for God's patience and long-suffering.  I was reminded this week during Bible study with my Tuesday morning women's group to think about how patient and long-suffering God is with me.  He truly has been and continues to be.  I can think of so many times He has called me, spoken to me, shown me things, and it has taken me time to respond.  I've negotiated.  I've asked Him for clarification.  I've tried to formulate a better way.  He has been more than patient with me.  He has truly been long-suffering with me.  God is more than good.  His love for me is OVERWHELMING!  I am thankful!

#336  I am thankful for my hubby and the simple ways he serves us.  He leaves a towel and wash cloth for me in the morning when he's already left for work.  I go to get in the shower after he's been gone for a while and there I find my towel and wash cloth.  I smile thinking of that simple act of love and service.  I go to the kitchen and find a simple note taped to the refrigerator that tells us that he loves us and hopes we have a good day.  He comes home in the afternoon and greets us with hugs and kisses and immediately jumps back in to helping me with dinner and taking care of diapers and household chores.  I am thankful for him.  I am thankful to be on this journey with him.

#337  I am thankful for time spent with a group of young moms last Monday at a science museum.  It was so refreshing to just engage with them and their young children and get to know them a little better.  I am thankful for how God is working in making connections and putting together lives that need to be together.  

#338  I am thankful for Saturday night dinner with a group of people who are becoming more than just acquaintances.  A few months ago, we didn't even know these people and now they are becoming friends to us.  We are sharing life.  I'm thankful.

#339  I am thankful for every time God gives me the opportunity to pray with someone, to share His love and hope and peace.  I am thankful when He opens the door to speak His truth into the midst of the stuff of people's lives.  I am thankful when He allows us to me a part of what He's already doing right here where we are.

#340  I am thankful for my dad and how he cares about the day to day stuff of my life and what we do each and every day.  I am thankful that he's not just being nosy but that he's really concerned and wants to just get a glimpse of what life is really like for us.  I'm thankful that he loves me that much.

#341  I am thankful for my kids' Sunday school teachers.  I am thankful for Mrs. Mary Belle and Mrs. Brenda, Mrs. Tara and Mrs. Carole, and Mrs. Alice, Mr. Gordon, and Mrs. Debbie.  They pour themselves into my children each week, making the stories of the Bible be more than just a story but making it relevant to life.  They point them to Jesus.  They are the second voices in my kids' lives that Jason and I pray for.  I'm thankful for them.

#342  I am thankful for the joy of the Lord.  It truly is my strength.  I am thankful that no matter what we face, God can fill our life with deep joy.  Nothing can take that away.  I am thankful!!!


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