Monday, May 7, 2012

Thankful from a Bench in DisneyWorld. . . Or Maybe Not!

I originally wrote this post on Thursday as I sat on a bench in Disney right in front of Cinderella's castle.  However, as you know, technology can sometimes be difficult.  And, after writing the whole thing, it didn't post exactly right, so it was deleted, and here I sit.  Not, on a bench in Disney, but in my bonus room/school room, back at home, returning to the everyday routine of life, reflecting on what I would like to add to my thankful list.  So, here it goes. . .

103.  I am thankful for a week spent making memories with my family. I'm thankful for laughter sometimes with each other, sometimes at what we saw happening around us (but never at the expense of others), sometimes at what one of us said (often Anna Claire because that kid is absolutely a stand-up show all by herself!!!), sometimes at what one of us did (that could have been anyone of us at any given late night hour--bless the poor guy whose foot I ran over with the stroller--the look on his face was priceless but his immediate response of  "it's okay, I still have a finger!" was good enough for camera!). . .  I'm thankful for seeing the magic in my daughters' eyes, the magic to believe, to imagine, and to dream!

104.  I'm thankful for a reminder just this morning of God's protection and provision, that what we see as a closed door and as something painful is often His watchful eye.  We may not always see that at the time, but down the road we will nod our head in agreement knowing that God always works for our good!

105.  I am thankful for air travel.  How amazing is that!!!!  I am thankful that we made that trip to Orlando in just a couple of hours.  I absolutely do NOT like long car rides.  That short little plane ride was delightful!!!!

106.  I am thankful for my friend Sharon and her wonderful sense of humor.  She has a unique way of making me laugh and a way of helping me see the lighter side of some pretty intense situations.  I am thankful that God knows who we need in our life and who will help us carry some of our heavy loads.

107.  I am thankful for my nephew Slade.  His sweet little voice and his cute facial expressions melt my heart.  I love the way he says the names of my girls and myself and "Uncle Jase."  He's a keeper!!!  What a blessing he is!!!

108.  I am thankful for my mother-in-law and my father-in-law and how much they love their family.  They love to love us.  They find great delight in giving of themselves.  They want to help us in anyway possible and that means a lot.  Jason and I are so blessed with wonderful parents who loves us and love our children.  We have a remarkable spiritual heritage and we are better people because of it.  We are blessed!

109.  I am thankful for Monday night outreach.  I missed going last week and I can't wait to go tonight.  What a joy it is to see those same sweet faces each week and to share life with them!

110.  I am thankful for the women in my Bunco group.  They lift me up.  They bring fun and laughter to my month. 

111.  And, if you're reading this post, I am thankful for you!!!!  Thankful that you are a part of my life.  Thankful that you are investing in me and my family in some way and that God has given us the opportunity to share this remarkable journey called life.  Let's live it to the fullest!!!!


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